SPHINX Vortex 360



SPHINX VORTEX RD is designed to identify criminals carrying radioactive sources and metal objects containing ferrous and non-ferrous metals, such as weapons, containers for radioactive sources or other illegal materials. 

The detector can be used as a first line defence instrument for the tasks of combating illicit trafficking and inadvertent movement of nuclear materials.

The detector has very simple user interface and suitable for use for even untrained personnel. It alerts safety officer with a flashing light signal, sound and vibro alarm about the impending radiation source or metal object:

  • Red indicator for metal objects;
  • Blue indicator for gamma radioactive sources.

SPHINX VORTEX RD  is available in 3 versions to meet Customer requirements and budget. All versions are equipped with highly sensitive metal detector.

SPHINX Vortex: metal detector for search and detection of metal objects
SPHINX Vortex 360: metal detector with enhanced sensitivity for more precise localization of metal objects

SPHINX Vortex S: metal detector with additional protection from operating radio stations and thermal compensation


  •  CE compliant
  • Two in one instruments: both gamma radiation and metal sources detector
  • Highly sensitive;
  • Detection of all types of metals
  • Detection of low activity gamma radiation sources
  • Handheld and light weight
  • Easy in use, suitable for non-trained personnel
  • Up to 400 hours lifetime


  •  Modular charger, with wall mounted feature.
  • Leather case


  • Combating illicit trafficking and inadvertent movement of radioactive sources
  • Critical infrastructures protection,
  • First responders, including customs, police and border officers
  • HAZMAT and CBRN teams


– CsI high sensitivity scintillator for gamma radiation

– “flat” detector for metal objects   

Accuracy: ± 30% (at 0.663MeV of Cs 137)

Energy Range: 30 keV to 3.0 MeV (gamma)

Sensitivity: 100 cps/(µSv/h)

Alarms: LED, Sound, Vibro
Power: Built-in rechargeable battery

Battery type: U9VL-J 9V

Battery lifetime: Up to 400 hours of continuous operation

Weight: 0.34 kg

Dimensions: 420х80х30 mm

Operation temperatures: – 15 to 50